What is the promotion?

Every pack has a time code on the back (under the Best Before date). Enter yours here for a chance to win up to a year's worth of Deliveroo takeaways* in our daily prize draws.

*£780 of Deliveroo credit, valid for one year. For full details, see T&Cs

How do I enter?
Buy a promotional pack of Golden Wonder crisps, Ringos, Transform-A-Snack or Saucers and enter the code found on the back of pack here and register your details to enter the promotion.
When can I enter?
The promotion runs from 1st April 2020 until 31st July 2020 with one winner drawn every day. There is one final bonus prize draw for entries received from 1st August 2020 until 31st October 2020. The bonus draw will take place on 2nd November 2020.
What can I win?
There are 122 chances to win up to a year's worth of Deliveroo takeaways (£780 credit) in our daily draws, and one further chance to win in our late entries' bonus draw.
How do I use my Deliveroo voucher code?

If you're a lucky winner, we will send you a Deliveroo voucher code, you can then redeem this in the Deliveroo app or on the Deliveroo website.

If you're using the app, go to your account and add the code into the 'Enter a Promo Code' field. On the website, click 'Add a Code' on the checkout page.

What if I can't get Deliveroo at my address?
You may want to claim your prize as a Deliveroo voucher anyway to use away from home. Alternatively, if on entry to the promotion you provided an address that is not currently served by Deliveroo you will be offered the opportunity of The Restaurant Choice gift cards instead, to the same value, able to be redeemed at: Nando's, Pizza Express, Ask Italian, Zizzi, YO! Sushi, Byron Burgers, Pizza Hut, Café Rouge and The Real Greek!
How long is the prize valid for?
Deliveroo vouchers will be valid for one year from the date your prize claim is validated.
Where do I find my code?
You can find your time code on the back of promotional packs or multipacks (under the Best before date). If you're having trouble, here is a quick guide.
My pack code doesn't work - What should I do?
Your code may not have been recognised, check your pack's time code and enter again. If it still doesn't work and you continue to experience problems with your code, please contact us.
Who is the promotion open to?
Anyone aged 18 years old and over who lives on the UK mainland (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).
I live in Northern Ireland - can I take part?
Yes, use your pack code to enter the promotion. If you live in Northern Ireland you can also enter via our 'No Purchase Necessary' route, see T&Cs.
Do I have to buy a pack to enter?
Yes, but if you are entering from Northern Ireland you can also enter via our 'No Purchase Necessary' route, see T&Cs.
Where can I buy promotional packs?
You can buy Golden Wonder's fully flavoured crisps and snacks from a some of the UK's biggest supermarkets as well as local convenience stores. Click here for more information.
Can I enter more than once?
You can enter once per day; you just need to buy another promotional pack to get another code.
Can I enter my code again for another chance to win?
You can only enter the promotion once per day.
Can I win more than one prize?
You can only claim one prize during the promotion.
Which packs are included in the promotion?
Golden Wonder Crisps
• 32.5g packs
• 6x25g packs (multi-pack outer - not individual packs)
• 20x25g packs (multi-pack outer - not individual packs)
• 75g £1 price-marked sharing packs

Golden Wonder Ringos
• 18g 39p price-marked packs
• 6x12.5g packs (multi-pack outer - not individual packs)
• 55g £1 price-marked sharing packs

Golden Wonder Transform-A-Snack
• 30g 39p price-marked packs
• 80g £1 price-marked sharing packs

Golden Wonder Saucers
• 65g £1 price-marked sharing packs
How are the winners selected?
During the promotion, there will be daily draws held at 10am. One winner will be drawn at random and contacted via email and asked to validate their win. There will also be one winner of the late entry bonus draw which will be drawn at random and contacted via email after the draw on Monday 2nd November 2020.
When will my prize be delivered?
We'll email you a Deliveroo voucher code within 7 days of verifying your win. If you are outside of Deliveroo's delivery area and have accept The Restaurant Choice gift card alternative prize, your vouchers will be posted to you within 7 days of verifying your prize. If your win has been verified via email but you do not receive your prize within the times above, please contact us.
Where do I go to see the full T&Cs?
Click on the T&Cs link on this page, or you can click here.
How will my data be used?
Boring legal speak alert! In accordance with paragraph 5 of the Promoter's Privacy Notice and for the purpose of this promotion only, Sub-Data Processor Promotions Interactive Limited will process and store data for the purpose of this promotion, and will share data with the Promoter (Tayto Data Controller) and Deliveroo (Data Controller) for those who have opted in to receive marketing information via email. Click here for Golden Wonder Privacy Policy and click here for Deliveroo Privacy Policy.
Deliveroo FAQs
Will the current situation with Coronavirus affect my prize?
- Deliveroo are still operating and can safely deliver your takeaways (subject to availability in your area).
- You can check the latest position by visiting Deliveroo's FAQs page https://deliveroo.co.uk/faq
- Even though some restaurants are currently closed, if you win, your Deliveroo credit will be valid for at least one year. We very much hope things will be back to normal within that time, allowing you to make full use of your prize.
About Deliveroo
What is Deliveroo?

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way you order food. We partner with the best restaurants in the business - from local hotspots to national favourites - and bring you the food you love, right to your door.

With thousands of choices and a fleet of our own delivery riders, we'll have your order with you in an average of 32 minutes.

What is the story behind Deliveroo?

Deliveroo is a British tech success story. After moving from New York to London, our founder was surprised to find it was nearly impossible to get great quality food delivered. So, he made it his personal mission to bring great restaurants closer to their customers.

We now operate in over 100 towns and cities across the UK, employing over 600 software engineers and employees in our UK headquarters, working with more than 8,000 partner restaurants and engaging 15,000 riders.

Using Deliveroo
How does it work?

You can order either on the website or by using the Deliveroo app, available on iOS and Android. Simply add your postcode to find all the great restaurants delivering in your area, choose your food and place your order.

Once the restaurant receives your order, they'll get to work preparing your food and then carefully package it. Once it's all ready to go, a Deliveroo rider will pick it up and bring it to you.

If you want to be super-organised, you can also order up to 24 hours in advance with a scheduled delivery.

What kind of restaurants are listed on Deliveroo?
We personally curate a high-quality and diverse selection of restaurants in your area. This can range from a top neighbourhood Italian trattoria to well-regarded national burger chain.
What times can I order for?
We deliver every day from morning until late at night, and different restaurants will have different opening times. Visit the homepage or the app to see which restaurants are available in your area.
How is the food delivered to me?
Once you've placed your order, it's sent directly to the restaurant for them to prepare and package. Once it's ready, a Deliveroo rider will pick up your order and bring it to your delivery address.
Why doesn't Deliveroo accept cash?
We only take card payments because it lets us provide you with the best possible experience. It creates a safer working environment for riders too. Feel free to tip your rider in cash.
Do I have to tip?
Whether you tip or not is completely up to you. You can tip in the app when placing your order or tip in cash when the rider delivers your food. Riders receive 100% of all tips.
Is there a minimum spend?
The minimum order amount can vary depending on which restaurant you're ordering from. If there's a minimum order amount, you'll be informed at checkout before you place your order.
How do I redeem a voucher code?

If you have a voucher code, you can redeem this in the app or on the website.

If you're using the app, go to your account and add the code into the 'Enter a Promo Code' field. On the website, click 'Add a Code' on the checkout page.

Do you charge the same prices as the restaurant does in the restaurant?
We encourage restaurants to always use the same pricing for delivery as they do for their in-house menu, although there may be exceptions. Pricing for each menu item is clearly displayed in the app. If you have any questions about menu pricing, please contact the restaurant directly.
Can I place orders in advance?
Yes! You can schedule orders for up to one day in advance and choose any delivery time from midday onwards.
Can I collect my order?
Unfortunately, we don't currently offer collection. Visit the homepage or the app to see which restaurants are available for delivery in your area.
What if I want to cancel my order?
As long as the restaurant has not yet started preparing your order, you're able to cancel your order in Order Help. If the restaurant has already started preparing your order and you want to cancel, please get in touch with us, you can do this in Order Help as well.
How is the food packaged?

Packaging always depends on the type of food and restaurant you're ordering from. Restaurants take great care to use packaging that maintains the correct temperature for as long as possible.

If you have suggestions regarding the packaging or appearance of your food when it's delivered, please contact us on support@deliveroo.co.uk and we'll pass on your feedback to the restaurant.

Questions about my order
What if something is wrong with my order?

We have a dedicated team that looks after your entire Deliveroo experience, from the moment you place an order right through to it arriving with you.

However, we do understand that sometimes things might go wrong. If this is the case, you can use the Help function in the Deliveroo app to speak to our customer service team and report any issues.

You can also contact us at support@deliveroo.co.uk or on +44 203 699 9977.

What if I want to add something to my order?
You can contact our Customer Service team via the Help function in the app or on +44 203 699 9977 and we'll do our best to make sure you get all the items you want added to your order.
What if my order is late?
Sometimes things outside of a rider's control can cause a delay. Where we can, we will always try and proactively call you if we become aware that your order might not arrive within the estimated time of delivery, and our team will work to get your order to you as quickly as possible.
What if I'm not around when my rider arrives?

If you think you won't be at the delivery address in time to receive your order, please let us know by using the Help function in the Deliveroo app or by calling +44 203 699 9977.

Your rider will always try to call you if there's an issue once they reach your delivery address. If they're unable to contact you, our Customer Service team will try and reach you via phone and email. Please check your emails during the delivery time for any updates.

If we can't contact you and are unable to deliver the order, your rider will wait for up to 10 minutes before leaving. In this event, you'll still be charged for your order. To prevent this from happening, it's always a good idea to double-check your contact and address details.

I got a call from +44 (0) 113 467 9062 - who is this?
To check where you are, your rider might call you using the Leeds phone number 01134679062. It'll really help your rider if you can keep your phone close and answer these calls if you get one.
What if I have allergies?
If you have specific allergies and are concerned about any items on a menu, please check the restaurant notes section of the restaurant menu and for further information contact the restaurant directly.